What does it take to truly appal and disgust this nation?

I’ve taken to writing only rarely on this blog about national politics for two reasons: I want to keep my rage in control and a host of others do it so much better than I. But the events of the last few days make me wonder again whether anything will really bring the people of this country to the appropriate level of anger, frustration and disgust at our government?

Foleygate doesn’t preoccupy me, although the apparent cover-up by the Republican leadership is wholly of a piece with their arrogance and hypocrisy. I’m thinking of Condi Rice lying about a pre-9/11 briefing on al Qaeda. Of vice-president Cheney’s praetorian guard arresting a man in Denver because he said, “I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible.” Of the daily mess in Iraq thanks to those reprehensible policies. Of the daily scar of the worst president in our history, who violates the law with impunity and condones torture.

Let’s hope the process of throwing these bums out starts on November 7. I certainly can’t take it anymore. Can you?

One thought on “What does it take to truly appal and disgust this nation?

  1. Doug

    Already forgotten where I saw this idea first (Josh Marshall?), but Foley’s behavior has enough yuck factor to give people the emotional room to re-think support for the Republicans. Its very distance from policy means that it can’t be fudged, and the willingness of the R leadership to cover up for him strengthens the narrative of “they’ll do anything to stay in power.” Pardon the mixed metaphor, but it’s the straw that breaks the elephant’s back.


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