The NYT Select disaster

Of course putting Paul Krugman behind a subscription firewall is dumb. But Laura Rozen provides chapter and verse on how badly executed the move to Times Select has been.

I, too, am a subscriber to the Times print edition, but when I tried to register on the NYT site it consistently returned “A system error occurred while processing your request”.

Update Felix Salmon writes in the comments to note that he has covered this extensively, and provided answers to some of the annoying questions about NYT Select. Here and here.

Further update Kieran Healy sums it up: “We won’t have David Brooks or Airmiles Friedman to kick around any more. But is that bad for us, or for them? NYT columnists are the pinatas of the conscience collective. If not so many people are reading them, you have to wonder whether it’s worth signing up yourself just for the content. I think we benefit at CT. The Times makes you pay to read Paul Krugman, but his substitutability with our own John Quiggin is pretty high, and as of this evening we’re therefore a better deal than ever.”

One thought on “The NYT Select disaster

  1. Felix

    I’ve been all over this. One person left a comment on my site saying that I’d been more helpful than the NYT support line. But the real trick is to get linked to by Gawker: that way you get Very Senior People phoning you up to make sure it’s working…

    …by the way, and related, has anybody else thought about the ehtical problems associated with Times Select?


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