Don't use Yahoo

Rebecca MacKinnon: “Jerry Yang, and other Yahoo! executives, please stop claiming that your critics are advocating disengagement. Most of us aren’t. Stop treating the public and your (increasingly former) users like morons. It’s really bad for business. You’ve certainly lost my trust.”

I’m certainly avoiding Yahoo! and its various properties at the moment. I don’t think it will take a lot for this to catch on among young web users. All those people who were motivated into the streets of Seattle during the WTO a few years ago should understand this is a better battle to fight.

One thought on “Don't use Yahoo

  1. PoliticalCritic

    I don’t trust any executives, but that’s no reason not to use Yahoo. They’re just like everybody else. If that is the basis, I’ll have to stop using all sorts of things. I can find problems and unethical behavior on the part of Google as well. Look at what they did in China.


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