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Kerry’s foreign policy  

Wow. If you want to see the value of having bloggers at the convention, read Laura Rozen’s lengthy review of the potential shape of Kerry’s foreign policy. I doubt any NY Times or WaPo analysis will be as thorough.

Poisoned chalice?  

Kevin Drum wonders whether the next presidency — whoever wins — will be a poisoned chalice. The economy will be hampered by huge deficits, and it’s hard to see an optimistic path out of the mire in Iraq.

My feeling, however, is, “So what?” A good president will always need to tackle difficult problems. If Mark Schmitt is right, maybe this is just the kind of inheritance Kerry needs to show his stuff. I certainly wouldn’t be swayed for an instance by the idea that it’s Bush’s mess and he should have to clean it up.

On Obama 

As predicted a few weeks back on Davos Newbies, Barack Obama is clearly the coming thing in Democratic politics. Excellent reviews of his keynote to the DNC here, here and here.

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