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Increased economic growth in Africa  

There’s also some passably good news from Africa. The OECD reports that economic growth in Africa in 2003 was 3.6%, up from the 2.7% of 2002. This is still well below what Africa needs.

Terrible events in Sudan 

Jim Moore has started an important campaign to raise awareness of the continuing genocide in southern Sudan, The Passion of the Present. Part of Jim’s campaign is to encourage weblogs — and other news sources — to write about the horror that is being perpetrated by the Sudanese government.

Fortunately, the BBC has needed no persuading on this issue. Hilary Andersson produced a powerful report for tonight’s 10 O’Clock News, available here. Her key line: “A hidden catastrophe is unfolding.” This BBC page has links to a lot of information on Darfur.

Something we’ll be hearing a lot 

Tim Dunlop captures the kind of conversation I think we’ll hear a lot this year: “I’ve never been involved in fundraising before; I’ve never donated to a candidate before; we really have to do something to get rid of the incumbent; I don’t want my children growing up in George W. Bush’s sort of America or his sort of world”.

Just in my own limited circle, I know several people who have never done anything more active than show up at the polling station who are actively involved in one way or another in getting rid of Bush. Straws in the wind.

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