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A humane and progressive state 

I spent three days in Venice last week. In the wonderful Cadogan Guides book on Venice, there was this timely passage:

“In truth few states were as humane and progressive: prisoners had a legal right to a lawyer as early as the 970s; a prisoner had to be brought to trial in a month and no more; house arrest was invented for a sick prisoner in 1572; no one could be arrested without sufficient evidence; search warrants could only be issued by committee, and not by a single man; and along with Tuscany, the Republic abolished torture before anyone else, in the early 1700s.”

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  1. Tracey Taylor

    Having recently visited Venice myself, I was disappointed to see that you didn’t pick up on a quirky, and quite frustrating, aspect of the journey one takes from airport to city. Unions are, I am sure, involved in this conspiracy. It must be investigated.


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