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What could they be thinking? 

Ed Felten has a funny summary of how badly the Bush-Cheney re-elect campaign understands Internet campaigning.

Crackpot index 

Via Panda’s Thumb, I’ve been led to John Baez’s indispensible Crackpot Index. It’s been written to judge crackpot ideas in physics, but much of it can apply to other fields.

Consider, for example, how the opponents of the MMR jab would rank with rule 32: “40 points for claiming that the ‘scientific establishment’ is engaged in a ‘conspiracy’ to prevent your work from gaining its well-deserved fame, or suchlike.”

Frivolous claim 

Gavin Sheridan posts his definitive retort to John Gray’s lawyers. The lawyers made an outrageous claim that Sheridan had libelled Gray when exposing his dubious educational qualifications.

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