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Inside story on Dean 

Karl Frisch posts an advance copy of Paul Maslin’s article on the Dean implosion, which will be published in the May Atlantic Monthly. Maslin was Dean’s pollster, so this is the first of what will presumably be many inside stories.

What the fat lady is singing 

Physics Today explains why it’s so hard understanding what sopranos are singing in the opera house (via Language Log).

“A recent study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, lays most of the blame on an inescapable tradeoff dictated by the physical acoustics of vowel differentiation and singing very high notes. Acoustical physicists John Smith and Joe Wolfe, working with physics undergraduate Elodie Joliveau, have carried out an experiment that demonstrates why different vowel sounds are almost impossible to distinguish when sopranos are singing in the highest octave of their range.”

No licence = 10 years 

Further to Monday’s post on community radio in India, Evan Henshaw writes to Davos Newbies:

“The big problem I found with advocating community radio in India is that it’s treated as a terrorism issue. So instead of the rest of the world where you lose your equipment when you run an unlicensed radio station, in India you get 10 years in jail. This has meant nobody has gone about and setup community radio stations without licenses unless they are located in very rural areas. In France, the USA, Brazil, and other places people have used unlicensed radio as a political tool to open up the airwaves. But in India there is no conception of how radio could be really be used. This means nobody wants to risk 10 years in jail to make a community radio licensing an issue of public debate.”

Evan recommends a mailing list and points to a recent conference on Rediscovering Radio.

More voices 

Another new UK political weblog has recently launched, Mindhenge. Martin Whitlock, who writes Mindhenge, has a very disciplined approach to writing one post a week. I hope he goes with the flow and writes when the muse is present, rather than to any particular schedule.

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