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A different kind of candidate 

Ed Cone, who is thinking about running for Congress: “I would not purge my archives, and I think Google caching makes that point moot, anyway. I will not clear my blogroll. I have opinions. I guess I would be a different type of candidate.”

From Fleet Street 

For the media obsessed, I can recommend the new Fleet Street Blogger, even though there’s no RSS feed yet.

Not appeasement 

My reading of Spanish events (see below) is far closer to Stuart Hughes, who takes both Tom Friedman and David Brooks to task. (Incidentally, criticising Brooks is hardly worth the effort given how terrible he’s been from the get go, but what on earth has happened to Tom in the last year or so? I can’t remember his last good column.)

“Zapatero is withdrawing his country’s soldiers because his ousted predecesor, Jose Maria Aznar, committed troops to a war opposed by up to 90% of Spanish people, lied to the public about who was behind the Madrid bombings — and subsequently paid the price at the polls.

“That’s not appeasement — it’s democracy in action. Friedman, Brooks, et al would do well to scrutinise the validity of their president’s war in Iraq, instead of condemning the European fallout.

“Kofi Annan realises this. He understands that José María Aznar paid for backing the Iraq war and blaming the terrorist attacks on ETA.

“Zapatero does, however, need a crash course in diplomacy. He’s stirred things up still further by suggesting American voters should kick out Bush and vote for John Kerry.”

Those that can’t, consult 

I had the misfortune the other day to hear a talk by a leading risk consultant. This person, and his company, advises major corporations on a range of security issues, from the mundane to the major. The talk provided no information that even a casual newspaper reader wouldn’t know.

Contrast that to John Robb, who for free is educating me about new generation terrorism in his weblog. He points me to William Lind: “Using the simplest of technologies, al Qaeda or whatever Fourth Generation organization did [the Madrid bombings], undertook a strategic bombing campaign of unprecedented effectiveness. Their backpacks outperformed our B-2 bombers.”

I don’t buy the simple equation that last week’s terrorism alone provoked the political shift in Madrid. But I know where I look for informed argument.

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