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No more contributions 

Here’s a wonderful example of the reputation/gift culture that Richard Gayle refers to below.

Welcome Nick 

Nick de Souza, a former colleague of mine, has started a weblog. It’s early days, but I’m sure there will be plenty of interest to come.

The community will find a way 

Richard Gayle has a must-read post on the future of scientific journals. “Well, a new process is developing, one which has the potential to disperse scientific information much more widely and rapidly then ever before, adding new aspects that enrich the procedure. These new enhancements are so powerful that I believe that this IS the way things will go. There will be a business model that succeeds because the benefits to the scientific community are so tremendous. The community will find a way. And, I expect the not-for-profit institutions will lead because their constituencies are the scientists themselves, not the shareholders of a corporation. A reputation/gift culture will find a way to make it work. The bazaar will succeed as the cathedral grows cobwebs.”

Scant posting 

My children are on their half-term holiday this week, so postings will be rarer than usual.

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