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My week in Veracruz was spent running the writing team at the Mexico Business Summit, a grand confab of political and business leaders. But what interested me more was my team of young writers. They were all in something like their final year of university studying economics and international relations. And they were a bright, clued-up group who handled writing summaries in English with aplomb.

None of them had ever encountered a weblog before. I searched for good Mexican examples without much luck (do point me to some if you know any). Naturally, I encouraged all of them to start their own. We’ll see what fruit that bears. Maybe the start of a new Mexican movement?

One thought on “Davos Newbies Home

  1. Ivan Pedroza

    Lance, I’ve just joined your weblog and I find it (both yours and the whole concept) interesting.
    Here I send the link to Mr. Fuentes’ complete guideline for last wednesday’s discourse, hope you find in useful:


    I think that’s typical of him. I totally agree with you, a guy with some (gone forever) talent and success can always talk about anything and everything with some kind of almighty moral authority. I guess that if he had died or if he had just stopped writing some twenty years ago, he would have deserved a post mortem Nobel Prize, but today much of his words are just a waste of ink and saliva. Recently they began selling his complete works chronologically in new editions through newspaper stands, and I’m afraid they’ll just stop the business after they publish his works of the seventies…

    Iván Pedroza …


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