Captured by The Box

‘I’m only a few pages into The Box and I already know that this is an eye-opening book that will change the way I look at the world.

The awkward subtitle of Marc Levinson’s book explains the point: “How the shipping container make the world smaller and the world economy bigger.” The always-excellent Peter Bernstein blurbs The Box with these provocative sentences: “The experts who tell you that the transistor and microchips changed the world are off base. The ugly, unglamorous, little-noticed shipping container has changed the world. Without it, there would be no globalization, no Wal-Mart, maybe even no high-tech.”

After one chapter, I’m convinced. I’ll try to report further as I progress through. Very exciting reading.

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  1. David Derrick

    There was a whole 50 minute NPR podcast about this earlier this year, I guess with Levinson. Worth hunting down if still available.


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