Antidote to Friedman's simplicities

Stephen Roach: “The hyper-speed of an increasingly asymmetrical globalization is hardly the stuff of a flat world.”

Update Tom Friedman’s The World Is Flat (a statement I don’t agree with) won the first Financial Times/Goldman Sachs business book of the year award today. It’s odd. I don’t think Tom’s generalizations (in a category that someone today described to me pejoratively as “good reading for undergraduates”) would pass muster on the FT’s own op-ed page.

One thought on “Antidote to Friedman's simplicities

  1. richard lander

    haven’t read the friedman book but read enough excerpts to make me feel like I have. it’s last man in the bar sort of stuff. ‘Hey buddy, mine’s a scotch. Here’s a fact. Did you know that two countries which make dell components have never been to war with each other?’

    heck until last saturday no manager of barcelona football team had ever guided his team to two victories in real madrid’s home stadium.

    and hey presto now one has!


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