Here’s a selection of some of my other writing:

Power to the people, Global Agenda, January 2004

Second sight, The Guardian, 9 October 2003 (fuller version here)

Good morning campus, Financial Times Magazine, July 2003

Have racket, will travel, Ace Tennis Magazine (magazine not available on the web), February 2003

Expect the unexpected, Global Agenda, January 2003

Note: the following articles are temporarily unavailable because of problems with the World Link site (no longer my responsibility). I’m working to get local versions of them up on Davos Newbies.

The HP way forward, interview with Carly Fiorina, World Link, January/February 2001

Private passions, World Link, November/December 2000

New new things, World Link, November/December 2000

Put out the welcome mat, World Link, November/December 2000

Is the price right?, World Link, September/October 2000

At the crossroads, World Link, July/August 2000

Nasty, brutish and short, World Link, July/August 2000

Bullish in a China shop: China’s dotcoms are coming to life, World Link, May/June 2000

Something old, something new, World Link, May/June 2000

Annual check-up, World Link, March/April 2000

Get crazy, World Link, March/April 2000

The six webs, World Link, March/April 2000

How not to win friends, World Link, March/April 2000

Look back in wonder, World Link, January/February 2000

Do believe the hype, World Link, November/December 1999

Just plain Bill, interview with Bill Gates, World Link, March/April 1999

To PC or not to PC, World Link, November/December 1998

Trials of life, interview with Robert Shapiro, World Link, July/August 1998

Nathan’s law, interview with Nathan Myhrvold, World Link, May/June 1998

The African agenda, interviews with Yoweri Museveni and Jerry Rawlings, World Link, March/April 1998

Of Dante and Davos, World Link, January/February 1998


Faber Guide to Twentieth Century Architecture, London: Faber & Faber, 1985

Office Furniture: Twentieth Century Design, London: Unwin & Hyman, 1987

Retail Design, written with Rodney Fitch, London: Thames & Hudson, 1990

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