Women in the top job

The women in leadership grand slam is looking increasingly unlikely. It’s a fair bet that Angela Merkel will still be German chancellor come 2009. Even though it’s very, very early days, Hillary Clinton is probably the best bet for the US presidency. But Ségolène Royal looks like she’s fading in the French presidential race. That’s a good thing for English-language writers that still care about those pesky accent marks: rival Nicholas Sarkozy boasts none.

Incidentally, I’m feeling very happy about how the US presidential race is shaping up. I know there is a very long way before the primaries, to say nothing of the national election. But the Democratic party has all the strong candidates and the Republican poll leaders, McCain and Giuliani, are looking increasingly doubtful and unelectable. I’d be happy with the match up of Obama, Clinton or Edwards against any of the Republicans.

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