What will happen tonight in St Paul

Some friends think I’m too quick to see the absurdity of McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as running mate. We’ll see. But it doesn’t take much of a crystal ball to predict the outcome of her speech to the Republican National Convention tonight.

She’ll do a good job. The hall will be utterly ecstatic with enthusiasm and multiple, lengthy ovations. The talking heads on cable will say she exceeded all expectations. The Republican spinmeisters will say the response shows just how canny and clever McCain was to single Palin out.

What none of it will do is erase the completely impulsive decision making behind the choice. It won’t provide any response to Palin’s abhorrent (to my mind) views on teaching creationism, denying the human role in global warming, and opposing abortion in any circumstances. Despite the bloviating about her having more “executive experience” than any of the senators in the race, she’ll still have the thinnest set of credentials of any candidate in the last hundred years. It’s a joke. But none of that will be pointed out by the media guardians tonight.

5 thoughts on “What will happen tonight in St Paul

  1. David Derrick

    What is happening – which is dangerous – is that she’s putting some fire and electricity into the discussions. McCain can’t do it. And she is making people think of Obama as one long (very very long) series of langorous high-minded speeches which lack substance. She’s earthing people. There are plenty of conservative, pro-life, pro-guns and oil Americans who will respond cheerfully. Obama will lose.

  2. Lance Knobel

    She was great at rallying the faithful, but I doubt more than a handful of undecideds were swayed by last night. It was red meat for the true believers.

    Leave aside, as well, the steady stream of lies and the complete absence of policy. And, of course, the absurdity of the party that has been in power for the last eight years claiming it is the party of reform. What policy of Bush do McCain/Palin disagree with?

    Palin’s speech will give the GOP a day or two of good coverage, but then they will be back to scrambling.

    It also confirmed the Republican party as the nasty party, which I don’t think meshes well with the public mood.


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