Watch for the renaming of AIG


Since the AIG management has already proven itself even more tone deaf than John Thain, I have considerable confidence that they are cooking up plans to rename the massive failure. That’s what bad organizations do when they’ve already destroyed every other asset they have.

What’s certain is that they — and their naming consultants — will come up with something entirely improbable. Here are some likely candidates:

  • Honest! (must include the exclamation mark to emphasize the new company is something truly new)
  • TrĂ»st (the circumflex — that pitched roof over the “u” — refers to the company’s role in the housing market)
  • Manchester United Insurance Group (the only thing not tarnished by AIG so far is the soccer team with the badge of shame on their jerseys)

Other suggestions?

Photo from Flickr, by Toksuede

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