The world's plummiest podcast?

Through the Oxford University Press blog, I find that the Dictionary of National Biography podcasts. I listened to the podcast on the Bee Gee’s Maurice Gibb. Perhaps I’ve been away from England too long, but I thought the narrator had an almost comically posh accent. His accent is the kind of thing you only encounter listening to archive recordings of the BBC from 30 or more years ago. Particularly given the pop content, it could have passed as a parody.

2 thoughts on “The world's plummiest podcast?

  1. Felix

    Hilarious. I have a feeling that the bit where chappy talks about “the disco-orientated Jive Talking” in that wonderful accent is destined to be sampled over and over again…

  2. Kevin

    I think you HAVE been away from England for too long. That isn’t the BBC English of 30+ years ago. It’s no different from what you would hear any day of the week from the announcers on BBC Radio 3 or the newsreaders on Radio 4. Just listen, to give one instance, to the way he says “biogra-fee”: that’s modern Received Pronunciation; 30+ years ago it would have been “biogra-fi” (“fi” as in “fit”). If you really want plummy you should try listening to anything by Brian Sewell:


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