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I’ve spent most of the past 28 years in London, but my visit there this week promises to be a bit strange.

It’s the first time my family has returned since we moved to Berkeley in July. We’ll have an opportunity to see family and friends, and catch up on developments in our old neighborhood (perhaps that should be neighbourhood).

But we’ll definitely be visitors, the first time that is true for me in nearly three decades. Maybe everything will be crystalline and familiar, but I suspect it will seem just that bit opaque. I write that because I believe in the last seven months we’ve become just a little bit Californian, and a little less Londoner. I’ll see.

At a guess, posting to Davos Newbies this week will be irregular at best.

One thought on “The view from…

  1. Felix

    Have a blast! Just got back myself. Main New Thing to get acquatinted with, for me: the Oyster Card. Which now is so much cheaper than Travelcards/cash fares that it’s to all intents and purposes compulsory for all the family. But it takes some learning: a bit like swiping NYC MetroCards, it needs to be pressed firmly rather than tapped. And you HAVE to “tap out” on the Tube, while you should NEVER “tap out” on the bus. Etc. But generally I think it’s a great thing. Also, Heathrow Express is now $14.50 one way. Which is $25 in real money. Per person, of course. Which is crazy.


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