The view from my window

Ankara view

I love Andrew Sullivan‘s View From My Window feature on his blog. So why not copy it occasionally?

There’s nothing particularly lovely about Ankara, Turkey’s capital and a city of over 4 million. But I’m involved in a fascinating project here — equal parts economic development and sustainability — which I might be able to write about at some point.

The only other picture I’ve taken on this crammed business trip was an utterly obvious one in San Francisco Airport before I boarded my plane on Monday:


In case you can’t read it, the copy reads: “Opportunity isn’t always obvious.” Today’s New York Times has a good article on the reddened faces at Accenture.

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  1. Decksta

    I had a conversation over drinks with an Accenture partner who talked a bit about this. He thought the company’s public outrage was a bit hypocritical given most of their execs are having affairs because they are on the road so much.


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