The origins of blogging Davos

I saw the other day that Dave Winer laid claim to being the first Davos blogger. I’m pretty certain I have prior art.

Two things strike me looking back at those posts from six years ago. First, although blogging was in its infancy, in Davos we had Dave, myself and Dan Gillmor, all blogging away. That was definitely ahead of the curve.

And something that both Dave and the World Economic Forum can be proud of is that Dave was invited to Davos as a media leader. This gave him access to a special program for media folk (not the lowly orange badge, working journalists, but the exalted editors and columnists). I remember a media lunch with Bill Gates where Dave asked a series of questions about RSS and SOAP. There’s no doubt that Dave was the first weblogger invited to cover an event as a weblogger — over four years in advance of the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

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