The Obama-Brown axis

James Forsyth on the Foreign Policy blog has a great idea for the upcoming Labour party conference in Britain. It’s designed as a riposte to the resurgent Conservatives having John McCain at their conference:

“Invite Barack Obama to Labour’s party conference. The sight of the Democrats’ rising star praising Brown’s work on Africa would pre-empt Conservative attacks on Brown. Being eulogized by an opponent of the Iraq war would also subtly distance Brown from the most unpopular aspect of Blair’s foreign policy. Plus, Obama is far closer to the mainstream of British politics than McCain and the best platform speaker around.”

It’s still very early days in the jockeying for the next British general election (heck, Tony Blair hasn’t even stepped down yet). I’m still reckoning on Gordon Brown succeeding Blair and winning the next election, but I have to confess to worrying about the Conservative comeback more than at any point in the last decade.

Update After reading this account of the Kenyan government’s reaction to Obama’s criticisms, I wonder whether the Labour party would worry about the invitation. After all, wouldn’t it be natural for Obama to lay into the Iraq war while Tony Blair sits on the podium next to him? And how eager would Obama be to associate himself with the Labour party’s own internal struggles over the war?

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