The most surprising sentence I read today

“When it comes to press freedom, Russia is now ranked below countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan.”

From the depressing, compelling “Kremlin, Inc” by Michael Specter in The New Yorker. Not available online.

3 thoughts on “The most surprising sentence I read today

  1. Felix

    When I looked at the questionnaire I initially thought I knew what was going on: since it covers violations against journalists within a certain 12-month period, countries where journalists have pretty much got the message already and are no longer nearly as active as they used to be (eg Zimbabwe) are actually going to start rising up the league table. But then I noticed that North Korea was at the bottom of the list — which is something I can’t really square with the questionnaire, unless there’s some kind of dissident/underground press in North Korea I’ve never heard of. So I am a bit confused, but for the time being I’ll take the results at face value.

    As for New Yorker fact checkers: Not in the slightest.


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