Tenth blogoversary


Well, I missed my 10th blogoversary by one day. But then, I’ve been missing a lot of events here on Davos Newbies recently. It isn’t that I’ve lost the blogging urge, it’s just that all of my blogging energy is being consumed by Berkeleyside. And I’ve had a fair chunk of paying work that needs attention as well in the last couple of months (which is a good thing). I will, I promise, get back to occasional updates here.

The first Davos Newbies post — a kind of Hello World — was on December 12, 1999. I didn’t really get motoring until January 3, 2000, when the run-up to that year’s Davos was ramping up. I then didn’t miss a day of posting until February 5. I think that spate of posts, which was conference liveblogging avant la lettre, stands up pretty well. The Internet Archive didn’t catch up with Davos Newbies until June 2000, but that does mean the original look — thanks Garret! — is preserved in aspic.

old DN

I’ve thanked Dave Winer many times for both pioneering blogging and for encouraging Davos Newbies from my first encounter with him. I’m still hugely grateful for that, even if we decided to take separate paths in our Berkeley hyperlocal efforts.

Photo of a number 10 by Leo Reynolds from Flickr

4 thoughts on “Tenth blogoversary

  1. Lance Knobel

    You clearly have some sort of spooky radar for Gawker-related items. You skip Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, et. al. and zoom in on Denton. Quick work.

  2. Nico Macdonald

    You grasped early on the value of rich information, individual opinion, and analysis in online publishing, as well as the value of easy-to-use tools. We need more clarity on the new affordances in publishing. One seems to be how we allow people to _find_ information/knowledge _when they need it_ rather than (or as well as) pushing it at them _when it is created_.


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