Frightened silence?

Dan Gillmor on the baffling silence of US corporate executives in the battle against so-called intelligent design:

I asked Benhamou whether it was the duty of executives to speak out when the president of the US suggests that science classes be required to teach “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution.

They absolutely should speak out, he said. It’s a fact, he observed, that today’s knowledge-based companies need people “whose minds are trained on knowledge and scientific fact, and not mixed up with this creationism bullshit.”

I then asked if he could name anyone in a prominent corporate position who’d actually spoken out in this way. He could not, he said with what sounded like regret: “It’s hard to be caught on TV saying these things, but it’s particularly important now. I feel quite worried that we’re passive about it.”

I’m particularly glad that Dan has picked up the outrageous anomaly of the Gates Foundation providing funding to the Discovery Institute. I couldn’t believe it when I read it in The New York Times but I was beginning to think no one else found that astonishing.

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