Slow restoration

I’m slowly recovering the hundred or so posts that sort of vanished when I ported over from Manila to WordPress. For observant readers, you’ll find the Archives in the right-hand column here seem to grow mysteriously from time to time.

This isn’t because I’m confecting posts. It’s because I’ve retrieved something from, say, March 2001 and restored it to its rightful place. It hasn’t been my highest priority, but it is fun going back to these very old (in weblog terms) posts.

3 thoughts on “Slow restoration

  1. Tim Merritt

    The DV for Teachers site is a blog; I’m looking for tips from folks who’ve moved from manila to WP like yourself. Any advice or pointers to same? Many thanks.

  2. Lance Knobel

    I’m delighted I switched. WordPress is such a vibrant community, with new, intelligent plug-ins proliferating at an extraordinary rate. I think it’s the locus of innovation for blogging right now.

    That said, the switch wasn’t painless. There seem to be nearly automatic ways to switch to WP from most blogging systems, but not from Manila. Jason Levine has written a tool to enable the move, but I didn’t have the technical chops to do it myself. Wonderfully, Jason did the necessary himself, once I sent him the root file for my Manila blog.

    Good link to Jason’s stuff here:

  3. Tim Merritt

    I have a WordPress site for my personal posts at tim merritt [dot] net (that needs upgrading to 1.5.x), and I love how easy it is to use and customize. I’ve read Susan’s saga; my concern is moving almost 5 years of DV for Teachers archives over. I’ve parked long since. It’s time I jumped, so I’ll contact Jason. Thanks!


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