Seeking technical advice

While we’re waiting for a desktop computer to come by ship from London, we’re using an old laptop at home. The problem is I can’t find a wireless adaptor card that works happily with Windows 98 (I said it was old).

Does anyone know of a card that doesn’t require Windows 98SE, or a simple way to migrate from 98 to 98SE? The processor in the old laptop won’t be able to cope with an upgrade to XP, which would also be expensive.

2 thoughts on “Seeking technical advice

  1. Nick

    You would have to locate an older wireless card. 802.11b cards based on Prism 2.5 chipset should be reasonably safe to buy.

    Here is a good list of cards and available drivers.

    In particular, 802.11b cards made by Orinoco should work. Compaq WL110 also seems to be supported in 98, and is still available from some online retailers.

    A hardware compatibility list for Window 98 is here:


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