Return to Twitter

When I first joined Twitter back in September, I didn’t get it. So I stopped using it after a day or two. But for some reason, I returned to the fold this week and I think I’m beginning to understand why so many people I know are enthusiasts.

Even though I’m only following a handful of people, I had a nice stream of information and links about the results of the Pennsylvania primary last night. I find it lightweight and different enough that I’m using it for my passing fancies on things I read, rather than putting up a blog post. For anyone who is interested in such things, I’m using Twhirl as a client for Twitter on my computer, and finding it very helpful.

I’ve read some of the more ecstatic claims for Twitter as a business tool. I’m not yet sure of that, but I can see that it will become a useful addition to my personal next generation intelligence network.

Update If you’re a Twitterer, my username is lknobel.

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