President Jeff?

I know the effort to draft Jeff Sachs to run for president is about as ludicrous as anything in politics could be. It’s also unclear to me how high the correlation is between brainpower and political effectiveness. But it certainly would be nice to have someone in the race whose heart is unquestionably in the right place on many issues.

I’m also happy about another arm-twisting attempt that has higher probability of success. Why not Al Gore (although he has consistently said he won’t run again)? The grassroots effort seems, however, to have run out of money pretty quickly, which strikes me as very odd. What were they spending money on?

2 thoughts on “President Jeff?

  1. MB

    Didn’t you know, everything on the Internets is Free! Bandwidth, hosting, domain names – all free! Oh, and actually getting out to the states and meeting with grassroots activists and learning of local concerns – hey, I guess we didn’t know we could just clip our ruby slipper and we’d magically transport – why should high gas prices effect us? Oh, and Progressives, each and every one independently wealthy, young and single, don’t need to eat or provide for their families, so obviously don’t need to be paid to work 80 hours a week, right?

    Try reading the damn campaign plan, and maybe you’d realize this was an attempt for a real campaign, not “ooh, if we all sign this petition, maybe he’ll run” silliness. Then again, don’t bother. Just another “liberals should work for free” screed, isn’t it?

  2. Lance Knobel

    Maybe my choice of “odd” was wrong.

    I was surprised the effort ran out of money so quickly because I thought it would garner considerable support. I of course realize that proper campaigning costs money, which is why I made a (small) donation to the Draft Gore site. I guess I was one of the few.


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