One cheer, one raspberry for

I’ll let Felix Salmon deal with the serious matters on the Financial Times (in my years as a magazine editor, I had more than enough dealings with libel lawyers, and it’s something I’d like to remain far, far away from now). Let me focus on the trivia.

First, the good news is that Tim Harford is blogging for the FT, in addition to his wonderful “Dear Economist” columns. Now, the raspberry, which is really more of a mystery. When I followed the news that Harford had started a blog, I was curious to catch up with the other blogs that might be within the site. You’d think I’d find them at, wouldn’t you? No such luck. If you follow that link you’ll find the very good Economists’ Forum, where a few dozen of the world’s best economists discuss Martin Wolf’s latest columns.

Clearly, some bright spark at decided that the only blog the FT would ever have would be Economists’ Forum. Even though there are now at least nine blogs at the FT, they haven’t changed that first address. How do I know there are at least nine? You can find if you are persistent. But you’ll find no reference to Tim Harford there. Who knows how many other blogs are hiding in the virtual world of One Southwark Bridge?

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