Nothing progressive about Cuba

Martin Varsavsky on his first visit to Cuba:

What follows is the story of a progressive Argentine/Spaniard who had a Michael Moorish view of Cuba until he actually visited the island. Now my view is that there’s nothing progressive about Cuba. That progressive in Cuba can only mean to get rid of the Castrismo and open up, not à la China, a country that is brutally capitalist now, but still managed by the Communist Party, but à la Hungary or most of Eastern Europe, evolving from Communism to a welfare state like democracy.

Very perceptive reportage.

One thought on “Nothing progressive about Cuba

  1. av2ts

    It is not “perceptive reporting” when one proclaims that everything they hear in the streets of Havana is just plain “wrong.” At least he admits that the average Cuban is proud of their system and the fairness and justice it affords (most lie about that part). Varsavsky concludes from his 2 days on the island that Cubans are apparently just stupid or brainwashed and don’t really know what they know. In fact Cubans know more about the world than any place I’ve ever been (where else can you have a deep political discussion with a cabbie or housewife on the street). Neither are they stupid. Cubans routinely score twice as high on standardized tests than students from other Latin countries. They have criticisms about their country but are able to differentiate the Western lies from the reality. They see the real poverty that exists in every capitalist country and know they are in a different league. They know their country is not perfect, but appreciate having the independence and tools to make things better.


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