Not too late to Twitterdom?

Conversations with Dave Winer are always both enjoyable and mind-opening. It’s almost exactly eight years ago today that I first met him and he introduced me to EditThisPage and what came to be called blogging. That ranks — without exaggeration — as one of the most significant encounters of my life.

So when we met for lunch today and he was twittering when I walked into Saul’s, I quizzed him about Twitter. “You should do it,” he declared. “Doesn’t it depend on my finding the time to update my twitters? Who can keep up with these things?” Dave had a simple reply: “That’s exactly how people used to talk about blogging.”


So I’ve joined Twitter. Will it have the same impact on me as blogging? Who knows? But if Dave counsels me to try it, of course I will. My Twitter ID is lknobel.

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