Noise control

I’ve adopted a daily mantra: ignore the noise.

It’s not about the construction going on at the house next door. It’s about the constant drumbeat from so much of the political media. Obama’s too passive. McCain’s a fighter, but a good guy. People won’t vote for the black guy with the funny name (just about all of the foreign media are pounding this drum in particular). Clinton voters will vote for McCain. Bill is seething with resentment and the party is divided.

I stand by my early view that Obama will win this election handily. He has everything in his favor, and as some of the truth about McCain inevitably seeps out — however much the media fawns on him — his share of the vote will continue moving south. I never thought anyone in my lifetime could be a worse president than George W. Bush, but McCain has that potential. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

I’m not advocating living in blissful ignorance, but I do think you have to tune out the noise.

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