More on tuning out the noise

I just caught up with this excellent advice from Brad DeLong:

Don’t trust them. Don’t patronize their advertisers. Don’t believe them. Listen, instead, to people with substantive expertise and knowledge trying to convey that knowledge rather than the ignorant trying to score points with their owners, editors, and sources.

3 thoughts on “More on tuning out the noise

  1. Patricia Lee

    Hi Lance,
    Kinda random but I am so excited to have found a fellow bojagi enthusiast! After much frustration at the inablility to buy bojagis here, I decided to make my own and have just launched my business at the NY International Gift Fair. Please take a look at my website when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Also, I was wondering if I could use the bojagi picture you have posted in your blog from January.
    Thanks and hope to talk to you soon. -Patricia

  2. Khalid

    Hi Lance
    We worked together some time ago at World Link. I’m a regular reader of DN.

    We are watching the DNC with interest here in London. Very different to what we are used though definite shades of the Kinnock/Sheffield/awright! debacle…

    Can you suggest/recommend a DNC blog/blogger?

    Thanks – Khalid

  3. Lance Knobel

    Hi Khalid. Good to hear from you. I’m staggered, however, that you compare the Denver DNC with the Sheffield Labour Party Conference. Where’s the “alright!” moment? Did you think Hillary, Bill, Kerry or Biden was off key?

    It could well be that there’s a big difference between American and British political events as well. There is always a certain amount of triumphalism at US conventions. That’s expected. The British shudder at such things, but Americans lap it up.

    As to blogs from the DNC, where to start? I live by Talking Points Memo and Matthew Yglesias (although Yglesias isn’t in Denver). The post-Kevin Drum blog at Washington Monthly seems good. The TAPPED blog at is doing a good job, as is the Stump, at The New Republic. That should keep you busy.


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