Looking forward to the Deakin

Tomorrow night, Jay Rosen and I are going to get on the stage at Melbourne’s Town Hall and try to convince Melburnians that something fundamental has changed in the media world. I’m sure Jay will be far more eloquent about it than I, but if you want to read what I’m planning to say, you can find my draft here.

One thought on “Looking forward to the Deakin

  1. Craig Smith

    Hi Lance (and others)
    I was the facilitator for a follow up event from the Deakin lecture series, which was basically inviting Lance and 16 year-12 students (final year of high school, a mixture of ‘elite’ schools and govt. schools that service some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged areas) to share their thoughts and questions on the new media, its promise of increased access to information, the potential to become a media producer themselves and some of the attendant problems.
    Both Lance and the students were Fab. The students were easy in their acceptance of a new world media – clearly they all were users, consumers and in one instance a producer or media provider. What was of concern to them was the idea of telling – what was reliable, what was true, what wasn’t – but it was also evident that they struggled to have a critical framework to pose these concerns other than the notion of opinion vs. facts. And this isn’t helped by an Australian media that seems to fall between pseudo-objective reportage and partisanship. I have no doubt after today’s conversation, for some of them, it will further a more critical engagement with their info world. Lance, sincere thanks – that encounter was so valuable.


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