Look Maam, no hands

Tom Peters: “My colleague and pal, Harry Rhoads, co-founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, was over here for Mrs Thatcher’s 80th birthday party last week. The Queen attended, and apparently as the peons were being briefed on etiquette, they were informed that if they stuck their hand out for a (harmless) shake of the Royal Hand, it would be slapped away by a hovering attendant. After Harry’s report on this in an email, I replied in a one-line email, ‘That’s why we fought the damn war in 1776.’ Yes, I remain a steadfast Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

2 thoughts on “Look Maam, no hands

  1. Bob Meade

    This account of etiquette regarding shaking the hand of the Queen seems odd. I can recall seeing her shaking hands with commoners many times on television, in many countries. Whilst I can recall that she does not shake every hand, I cannot recall ever seeing a hand being slapped away.

    Here’s another American’s account of seeing the Queen shake hands with commoners:


    …no briefing given there….

    What do you think, Lance?


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