Leaders of the English-speaking world

Fascinating point from James Crabtree at Prospect:

Thought for the day. If Ignatieff becomes Canadian PM – which, even if not next year, he probably will soon – then the anglo saxon world will be lead by four morally serious, weighty liberal intellectuals: Obama, Brown, Ignatieff and Kevin Rudd.

That would really be jaw-dropping. There are good things happening in the world.

2 thoughts on “Leaders of the English-speaking world

  1. David Derrick

    This recession was generated by events in the US. The provincial “complacent” Germans are not so wrong about this. The UK had a similar culture, but is too small to have had much impact. These are the countries that throw their weight around in other ways too. And most British people are fed up with being patronised and lied to by this “morally serious, weighty liberal intellectual”.


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