"Just take care of my elephant"

My sister moves to Mexico:

Last night (or, as it turned out because of the snowstorm, early this morning), I left Chicago to come down here and see all my things in situ.  The sun is shining in San Miguel and I just bought an ice cream from my favorite street vendor.  The people in the hotel I’ve stayed at before, welcomed me and told me to feel their casa was my casa, and that they lived right on the premises if I needed anything.

Tomorrow is the big day–when I see my Ganesha standing tall in his new home…and then I have to meet with my attorney to deal with the little issue of the 68 boxes of Turkish towels I ordered when I was in Bursa, that are still sitting in a warehouse in Laredo–because somehow the Mexican government couldn’t fathom why I felt 1200 towels were a necessary part of my household goods…

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