It's official: Lufthansa hates San Francisco

I don’t want to obsess about travel matters, but my Lufthansa flight really bothers me. We had a wonderful new plane on the leg from Dubai to Frankfurt. Business class seats just about as good as British Airways, which is saying a lot. I asked the stewardess whether we’d get a modern interior on our San Francisco leg. “Almost all the aircraft are like this now,” she cheerily replied.

Sadly, no. SFO-DXB business class return on Lufthansa costs $11,000. And it’s rubbish (although I do like kvetching about it from an Internet-connected plane).

Addendum (from over a spectacular-looking Greenland): The seats are still rubbish, but I have to say that the cabin crew are as nice and professional as any I’ve encountered. So when Lufthansa guarantees that all their long-haul aircraft have the newer Recaro seats (by next April, allegedly) I’ll be a happy traveller with them.

3 thoughts on “It's official: Lufthansa hates San Francisco

  1. Felix

    Lance, are you criticizing yourself now? If so, you’re doing it very well — made me laugh, anyway.

    BTW, just bumped into a former reporter of yours — Andrew Clark, used to be a graduate trainee on World Link — has now moved to NYC to be the Wall Street correspondent for the Guardian.

  2. Lance Knobel

    Aha. The problem is my wife left a comment on a computer where I was logged in. No insult could be greater in our house.


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