Is this really me?


I’ve seen lots of people writing about Personas, a project by Aaron Zinman at MIT Media Lab. Enter your name and it scans various search databases to see how the Internet “sees” you.  For some reason “sports” is the largest segment on my profile, followed closely by “domestic”, “online”, “social” and “professional”. Whatever any of that means.

I have no idea about the rigor of the analysis, but Personas in action is one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen recently on the Web.

2 thoughts on “Is this really me?

  1. Nancy Friedman

    Personas found 29 matches for Nancy Friedman–a “sought-after speaker,” a “telephone doctor,” an executive coach, a judge, an actress, etc., etc.–and aggregated all of their profiles. As a result, I look either phenomenally well balanced or hopelessly mixed up.

    I agree that it’s a lot of fun to watch!

  2. brett knobel

    I tried personas and also found sports to be the largest segment in my profile–which is clearly a huge error.
    But the colors are pretty.


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