Irony alert

My wife, who writes better headlines than I do, said most people wouldn’t understand my headline about Fiat. I wrote “Fiat plans for world domination: a sure thing“, thinking Davos Newbies readers would understand that the “sure thing” was failure, not success. 

I think it’s generally true that Americans aren’t strong on irony, although there are certainly exceptions. The British, on the other hand, excel at irony. I spent 27 years in Britain. Some of that atmosphere wore off on me. So please pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Irony alert

  1. Pat McAuliffe

    “Fiat plans for world domination: a non starter“,

    Might be a more suitable headline for anyone who ever owned a Fiat 127 or some of their other 1980’s models.

    Ireland isn’t shy in the irony stakes either, love the blog & greetings from a windy but dry Dublin.

    1. Lance Knobel

      Very good.

      Without getting too much into national stereotypes, the Irish are probably even better at irony than the British. The Italians, on the other hand, not so much.


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