In praise of old Nassau


Kieran Healey reveals the truth:

It’s well known amongst alums that whereas the Princeton Sam Alito graduated from in 1972 was a bastion of civilized learning, the Princeton Sotomayor graduated summa cum laude from four or five years later was a hippie “learning cooperative” where minorities got a coupon book of “A” grades upon admission to use up as needed, were all given the Pyne Prize automatically, and the concept of truth was rigorously suppressed by the leftist faculty. 

Sotomayor was a couple of years ahead of me at Princeton. Her confirmation to the court could begin to erase the stain of Samuel Alito and Donald Rumsfeld, other Princetonians. Of course, Michelle Obama counts for a heck of a lot on the positive side of the ledger. 

Incidentally, I’m appreciative that my alma mater gets the correct form, alumna, to describe Sotomayor.

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