3 thoughts on “Ich bin Berliner, sort of

  1. Mike Clyne

    Hello Lance
    Your aside comment implying a possible country move in the event of a McCain victory should be made carefully remembering the pronouncements made by Frank Bruno and Paul Daniels (+ others?) prior to the 1997 UK election about a Labour victory and then having to contend with one of the newspapers sending round a removals van a few days later……
    Hope all is well

  2. BubbaMorse

    Wow! That’s simply too extreme of a reaction for a paper tiger position…

    Funny thing is that I’ve lived all over the world (Europe, Asia, South America, and Antarctica) and I’ve never meet anyone who’d want to give-up their citizenship because of an election result. Are you really sure that publishing this stance was a good thing? You look rather foolish….

  3. Lance Knobel

    Why paper tiger?

    My suggestion was meant to be lightly ironic. Still, I think it would be a glaring sign of the craven, mediocre depths of the country if McCain wins in November. I’d certainly have a pit in my stomach about remaining in the US, but I’d probably retain my innocent faith that we’d get it right eventually.


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