I asked some of my London World Link colleagues for top tips for Davos first-timers. Here are the results.

Relax and enjoy it. Davos can be pretty hectic, so make sure you leave time for chance encounters and serendipity. Some people even carve out time for skiing — there’s great Alpine and cross-country skiing in Davos. About five years ago, I took advantage of Sunday morning “sports day” to go skiing and got caught in a blizzard. I spent the whole morning sharing hot chocolates and some strudel in a snowed-in mountaintop restaurant with John Sculley and his brother Arthur. A not atypical Davos moment.

Spend some time on arrival figuring out the layout of the Congress Centre and the town (note to Dave Winer: I’ll try on Monday to find some better maps to post on the site). The Congress Centre works quite well, but it is a maze since they plugged a new building onto an old one when Davos started to outgrow its origins. All of the lunch and dinner sessions are in hotels, so it helps to know which direction to head for those sessions.

Finally, Olga had the simplest suggestion. “Just be there.”

And where is there? I had to include this:


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dave Winer

    Lance, I spoke with Jennifer Blanke and Andrea Maurer yesterday. They were very helpful! We’re going to have a great time. I have to come up with two websites that will change the world. I have a hunch this is going to be one of them!

  2. Lance Knobel

    Dave, On the 10 websites front, I discussed with Paul Saffo what the aim of the session might be. I think the challenge will be to come up with sites that might indeed change the world, rather than those that merely make someone billions of dollars (although the two aren’t always mutually exclusive). I suggested you both because you are intensively plugged into what’s going on out there, but also because I sense your heart is in the right place. A rare enough trait, these days.

  3. Dave Winer

    Absolutely agree. These days making someone billions of dollars seems to have nothing to do with changing the world. Also I want to see sites that change the world for the better, according to my own idea of what will make the world better, of course.


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