What can be exhilarating about Davos is the variety of people and ideas. Take advantage of the differences: if you spend your life in the Internet world, don’t just hang out with other Internet people and go to Internet sessions. You can do that anywhere. Only in Davos will you be able to chat with Umberto Eco, Elie Wiesel, Shimon Peres, a South African labour leader, a Filipino indigenous peoples’ activist and more CEOs than you could shake all the trees in Davos at.

In short, be open to serendipity. The best sessions are often the most unexpected, especially when they are opening up new horizons for you. Klaus Schwab, the president and founder of the World Economic Forum, has a good definition for an individual’s success in Davos. It’s a good Davos if you come away with at least one truly new idea, make one new friend and conclude one new contract.

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