Great newspaper design

Apropos of newspaper front pages (see previous post), I want a daily paper that looks as great as Portugal’s Público.

2 thoughts on “Great newspaper design

  1. Doug

    The Sunday FAZ is consistently brilliant. Not just front pages — for June 1, they turned the Telekom T upside down, deconstructed it and didn’t run any other photos on the front page. Wowee. And the two-page spread they do in the center of their Science section is gorgeous and enormously informative. There are all the little clever bits they add, too: teasers that all relate to each other, unexpected illustrations, and much more. Much as I love the weekend FT, the Sunday FAZ is better.

    Pity it doesn’t carry over to their web site, though.

  2. edward Mwasi

    The Portugal’s Público looks interesting and I would love to see how the inside too looks like. I am in Kenya and a designer. Do you mind sending me any of this paper complete PDF. Thank you.


    Mob: +245 722 77 30 22


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