Good new blogs

I’ve encountered two excellent new-ish blogs in the last few days.

John Hagel, who was a senior partner at McKinsey & Co for years, started blogging a couple of months ago. John has an individual, high-powered consulting practice and deals with a lot of curious corporate executives. The blog will certainly be worth watching.

And via Crooked Timber I found the wonderfully titled The Duck of Minerva, a new international relations blog. If the comment on the French referendum is any indication, I’ll want to know whenever the duck quacks.

Incidentally, I’m looking forward to the many interesting people Josh Marshall has rounded up for TPM Cafe, which launches tomorrow. I sadly anticipate, however, that it will follow Josh’s habit of offering only teaser RSS feeds, which means I read only a fraction of the output because I find it so annoying. That means that essential bloggers like Matthew Yglesias will now — to a certain extent — disappear behind those near-useless feeds after years of providing full text.

I can understand some of the commercial logic, but the power of full-text feeds should overrule that impulse.

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