Firefox upgrade problem

I opened Firefox today and it automatically installed the update to I have no idea what improvements it is supposed to bring, but it definitely has caused one huge problem. I can’t type an address in the URL window and have it do anything. So to navigate to any page I have to click a link, go from my Google home page or use the Google search box. A complete pain.

I see that Robert Scoble also had problems with the update, which he solved by turning off some extension. I don’t have time to figure out what is conflicting with Firefox, but I’m very annoyed.

2 thoughts on “Firefox upgrade problem

  1. Anirban Lahiri

    Everytime I turn my firefox on it shows that there is a new important update. I try to install it and it shows that there is a problem in installing the partial update and instead it will go for a full installation of the new version. It downloads and tries to install the new version. Firefox restarts in all these processes. And it again shows the important update (partial) information. And the cycle is repeated and on and on. At least five times I have gone through this cycle now. It is downloading and installing the full version of the update everytime. And then again shows the partial update information. And fails to install that. And again goes for the full installation, only to show the partial update info as soon as firefox restarts after the installation.

    How to get rid of this problem?

  2. Botond Szasz

    I have this same problem here as Anirban. But this is not only happening to Firefox, but Thunderbird too. The only way to really apply the update is to manually download the new version and install it. This is like there wasn’t any automatic updater built-in these programs, because they don’t work anyway.

    Yes, it is ANNOYING!!!


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