Fifth columnists

I mistakenly fell out of the habit of reading Whiskey Bar for a while. Today’s post shows why that was a big mistake:

I’m looking at the results of the latest New York Times-CBS poll, which show that 20% of the Americans surveyed freely and voluntarily identified themselves as liberals. That’s not too far below the 28% who identified themselves as Republicans (i.e. patriots).

Granted, the number of self-confessed liberals was down somewhat from the 23% who admitted to the same sin back in February. But that still means that approximately one in five Americans is a traitor and/or terrorist sympathizer!

By my rough calculation, that adds up to over 59 million potential spies and saboteurs (although that number admittedly includes young children, who might be useful as smugglers and suicide bombers, but probably aren’t as dangerous as your hardcore liberal movie makers — Michael Moore, for example.)

I don’t think history holds any example of a nation that has survived for long with so many internal enemies plotting against it. Even in Germany, the number of dedicated Bolsheviks, Jews and Freemasons actively involved in stabbing the troops in the back probably never amounted to more than 15% of the population — and I’m throwing the Gypsies into the mix, too.

Personally, I think it’s reckless — if not defeatist — for Rove and the rest of the Republican high command to talk about this perilous situation in public. If Americans learn the truth, if they realize that one in five of their fellow citizens (their doctor? their garbage man? their hairdresser?) is a liberal fifth columnist working for Osama, they could become demoralized. They might lose confidence in their leaders, in the party, and in America’s ultimate victory — despite the new miracle weapons that surely will turn the tide any day now.

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