Eventual success as a proselytizer

The sixth anniversary of my starting blogging is looming, but there’s one thing I’ve been notably unsuccessful at: convincing friends and family of the value of a weblog.

Well, perhaps my persuasive powers just need a long build up. Unquestionably (warning: major personal bias ahead) the best new blog I’ve seen is Not A Soccer Mom, my wife’s take on a new life here in California. She says she has yet to hit her stride, but it will come. Subscribe now.

I’m also hoping that one of my sisters also starts blogging. She wants to get the word out to the world about her wonderful restaurant in Chicago. I’ve said, “Forget conventional PR. You write well and you have a lot you want to rant about. You’re a natural blogger.”

Here’s the kind of anecdote she could have put on her blog. A young couple is walking past her restaurant, which is called Brett’s Café Americain (no reference needed for my readers). Woman says to man (in an appropriately nasal voice), “I would never go to that restaurant. They don’t even know how to spell American.”

If it happens, I’ll certainly alert my readers.

One thought on “Eventual success as a proselytizer

  1. Ken Burgin

    Hi Lance – enjoy your blog – thanks for the effort you make so regularly.

    Keep urging your restaurateur sister to start blogging! One good reason – (almost) no-one else does it. I wrote a short article on Blogging for Restaurateurs on my site and searched and searched – found only one.

    Content for customers could include weekly competition results, chef’s news of the week, bar and wine news, star employee and the entertainment line-up. Internal blogs for staff use could include schedules, menu and service changes, crisis management or news from the boss. Anyway – I’m sure you’ve said all this – good luck!


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